Not everyone is a skilled content creator, and sometimes it’s best to sit back and let someone else do the dirty work. Here, we will discuss the advantages of PLR content, and you’ll learn how you can use it to generate a steady online income.


Just What Is PLR?

PLR or private label rights content is material such as eBooks, autoresponder series and articles that you can buy and resell as your own. However, it can also come in other forms, such as whiteboard graphics and podcasts. The right to claim creatorship also gives you the right to edit the content as you see fit, and to publish it on your website. PLR is ideal for new affiliate marketers because it’s easily modified, it’s cheap, and it’s simple to insert your own links.

What Does Good PLR Look Like?

Most PLR content comes in packs that are focused on certain topics. For example, you may find a pack of PLR that includes articles and eBooks on tropical fish. Articles may be slightly varied in length, with 350-500 words being ideal. The quality of content can differ from one provider to the next; some are very high-quality, while others may be loaded with grammatical and spelling errors. You should keep in mind that you’ll probably have to retool your content a bit, to make it seem more unique to the search engines—which will make it easier to polish it while you’re working.


Duplicate Content

When multiple sites use the same content and the search engines consider your page to be excessively similar, a duplicate content penalty can occur. To avoid it, you should practice rebranding PLR products video tutorials to be at least 50% unique. However, if you plan to use it in an eBook or in a newsletter, rewriting is not really necessary as the content won’t be indexed.


Reusing PLR

There are many ways to reutilize PLR content, and they’re only limited by your imagination. You can rewrite them, or hire a ghostwriter. PLR packs on a single topic can be compiled into an eBook, which makes a great marketing tool, or they can be broken into segments to be used in an autoresponder series. Articles can be used to create a Youtube video script; these videos are an often-neglected traffic generation tool. Lastly, PLR can be used as a jumping-off point for your research on a new topic.